Mission Statement:
"To support, promote, and enhance meaningful involvement and participation of parents in order to improve the
education and well-being of children in Manitoba."

What do we do?
The Emerson School Advisory Council is a group of volunteer parents and teachers who work together to make learning
an enjoyable experience at Emerson School.

We organize special events and fundraisers, then donate the money back to the school to help out with any extra costs
these special event days may incur.

Examples of how the ESAC helps include: bussing costs, hot lunches, aluminum can recycling, teacher appreciation
week, playground equipment, artists/entertainers in the school, refreshments at school concerts, and telephone relay.

Please come out and join us at our monthly meetings held in the school library for coffee and dainties. It's a great
opportunity to be a part of your child's school community.

Everyone Welcome!